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This book so happens to be one of my latest books created and even best seller. This book is designed to enlighten all about how a man understands a woman. I've even added a special treat in the book where it talks about the 7 types of women. Feel free to click "BOOK PURCHASE, and it'll take you directly to pay screen via square. Thanks again for the support. $12

Is there someone and/or something you need to remove from your life? Is that someone causing you to make irrational decisions? Is everyone in your circle telling you that this person is extremely toxic for you, but you find every reason to continue to entertain such toxic behaviors anyway?? If you've answered "yes" to several of these questions, then it may be the right time for you to go ahead and purchase your copy when you're ready to grow. For a small fee of $12, feel free to support YOUR efforts of living a better life without that toxic being.

 I'll just leave you with this statement; imagine a book designed to teach you about why men are so prideful?.....This book is eager to get into your hands. Fee free to click the PURCHASE BOOK tab below for only $10.

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