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Are You Ready??

What if I told you that I've put together a challenge catered to couples out there? What if I told you I've put together 14 different activities that are designed to teach you how to FIGHT, may ask you to give up some semi important things that one may consider a priority, or better yet; what if I asked you and your partner to learn HOW TO struggle for a few days? COULD YOU DO IT?? Trust me, some of these activities are known to raise a few eye brows, and may even cause a tad bit of unwanted tension; STILL INTERESTED? Don't let me discourage you, give my fun and exciting challenge a try and lets talk about how things went on Day 15 when you guys successfully complete it with ease.

What Comes With the Package?

-Challenge Book

-15 Day Challenge Calendar

-15 Day Challenge Winning Banner


-Note Pads

-Social Media Page Access

How Long Does This Challenge Last?

-15 Days

How Much Is It?


Is It Hard To Complete?

No, but it will be challenging

Will This Challenge Ruin My Marriage/Relationship??

No, this challenge will not ruin your relationshp, but those in it who refuse to work together through the rough time will ruin it.

Will I Have To Give Up My Phone?

Not at all, besides, snooping or going through someone's phone is not an effective way to enhance trust in a marriage/relationship.

Will I Have To Give Up Sex?

hmmmmm. the real question is, how important is it to you? What if your partner couldn't perform for you sexually? 

Will I Need To Put My Address On Pay Screen?

-Yes, I need to be able to send your items to you

I'll tell you what....How about you give the challenge a chance and try it out for yourself. I can't wait to chat with you throughout the challenge. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contract me. 

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